Founded by Immigrant,
For Immigrant Founders

Moontide Capital is a one-stop platform for immigrant founders. We invest in and create a community for founders on all kinds of visas.

Why Moontide Capital?


On average, immigrant founders have less access to the traditional VC channels. Moontide Capital’s mission is to connect all great immigrant founders with capital, whether it is through direct investment or referral through our robust VC networks.   



Both the founder and the product need to find a community. Moontide Capital is developing an environment for founders to share resources, foster mentorship, and learn all aspects of building a company. 


Visa-related issues are the biggest obstacles preventing immigrant founders from pursuing their dream. Moontide Capital is actively working with legal experts to design solutions for all kinds of Visa issues. 

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Behind Moontide

Growing up as an immigrant in Silicon Valley, Ning witnessed many passionate founders trapped in their 9-5 due to visas and lack of access to the traditional VC world. Ning
dropped out from the University of Pennsylvania CS Master to found Moontide Capital to support early-stage immigrant founders. She had experience working in asset management with 725B AUM.

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