We Value Your Time with Transparency

Are we too early for Moontide Capital?

You are never too early! We are excited to invest in startups in seed and pre-seed rounds at any stage of the product. We love to work with startups on day 1 of the journey. 

What industries does Moontide Capital invest in? 

Our approach is industry agnostic. Moontide Capital invest in extraordinary immigrant founders. Currently, our portfolio has a focus on fintech companies; however, we are open to all sectors of business. 

What are you looking for in founders?

Founders are core assets in an early-stage startup. We look for founders with experience building or working in a hyper-growing environment, who can quickly learn and adapt in an ever-changing marketplace. 

What sets Moontide Capital apart from other VCs? 

We focus on creating the best one-stop platform for early-stage immigrant founders. We aim to provide founders with community networks and legal support on top of the capital.

What is the typical check size?

Our typical check size is between 75k to 150k.We typically invest in early rounds from pre-seed to series A.

Do you lead rounds?

Due to our current check sizes, we don’t lead rounds. However, if we believe in the startup, we love to help the founders secure a lead. 

What is Moontide Capital's investment process? 

We try to make the investment process as transparent and straightforward as possible. Here is a summary of general steps: 
Step 1: Introduction
An introduction including the fundraising deck and all other materials necessary for preliminary review. 
Step 2: Meeting One
A 30-minute zoom meeting where we learn all about the founder and the startup. 
Step 3: Follow-up 
Follow-up questions and information requests will be exchanged over email.
Step 4: Meeting Two
If we reach this stage, another 30-minute zoom meeting. 
Step 5: Due Diligence
Moontide Capital will review all the information provided and conduct thorough research on the company. 
Step 6: Final Decision
The final decision will be sent through email with instructions. If we decide to pass, we will provide reasoning.